New tax specialist joins our team

If your tax matter is a transaction out of the ordinary or when getting it wrong could be quite costly, then Ashleigh Gilmour is now available to help.

Ashleigh has considerable experience built as part of a specialist tax advisory team that provided technical advice to clients and other accountants and business advisors around New Zealand. She brings that knowledge to share with Moore Markhams clients around the country.

Being up with the play with the latest tax rules and regulations, means clients can get correct advice upfront, including:
  • On the taxation consequences of potential transactions, such as land developments or sales.
  • On the taxation consequences of moving to / from New Zealand.
  • On potential restructures.
In addition, Ashleigh can
  • Undertake high level reviews to understand where a client’s greatest taxation risk area is and / or general tax compliance.
  • Deal with Inland Revenue through audits, reviews and disclosures.
 If you have tax concerns out of the ordinary, feel free to contact Ashleigh directly.