Cash Flow & Forecasting

Cash flow is King. Without it, business is impossible to operate. And having a cash flow forecast or budget is critical for the ongoing success, and in some instances, survival of your business. Like a map, a plan can help you to see where you want to go and will help you feel more confident about how to get there.

At Moore Markhams we can work with you to prepare a budget or cash flow forecast of what your expected income and expenditure will be for the upcoming year. We can then help you understand the implications of where your business is at against that forecast.

Your budget or cash flow forecast will effectively allow you to:

  • identify potential shortfalls in cash balances in advance so you can plan accordingly
  • confirm that your business can pay its suppliers and employees on time
  • highlight problems with timing of debtor payments
  • indicate when it is timely to review your current banking arrangements
  • provide your bank with regular cash flow forecasts; this is likely to be a requirement if you have a business bank loan.

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