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Under Level 2, a significant number of our teams have returned to their offices, however virtual meetings will be preferred wherever possible. If you do want a face to face, please liaise with your Moore Markhams advisor. For the next few weeks at least, we would like to minimise physical contact until we’re all more sure of the country’s COVID-19 status.

If you do opt for a face to face, we will ensure there is sufficient space at meetings and the room will be cleaned after each meeting. There will be hand sanitiser available. And please don’t be offended that we do not shake your hand.

As per government guidelines, all staff and visitors to our office will need to sign into our contact tracing system. As per the guidelines, your contact details will be securely stored for two months at which time they will be destroyed.

Thank you for your interest in Moore Markhams. We’d enjoy hearing from you. Get in touch if you want to know more about our services or share feedback with us. Our offices are listed below.