Specialist services

Our specialist services set us apart to help you succeed.

1.    Succession planning

Dan Druzianic is an expert on why and how you need to plan for the inevitable departure from your business. Dan works with clients on exit strategies and presents to other professional groups including lawyers on the topic. For an appointment with Dan, click here.

2.   Systems and financial modelling

Senior advisor, Michael Ward is an expert in forensic financial modelling. He works with many clients on forecasting profit and loss, balance sheet and cash flow projections. His particular expertise is in complex inventory models. Michael is also active in performing systems reviews and implementing fully outsourced Xero back office assignments. In many instances, our fee is far less than your internal staff cost and means a lower wages bill and greater profitability. For an appointment with Michael, click here.

3.   Governance

Director Dan Druzianic has extensive experience as an independent director of numerous Hawke’s Bay companies including Bostock NZ Limited, as well as Hawke’s Bay Regional Investment Company (HBRIC), and Unison Networks Limited. He is also a trustee of the Hawke’s Bay Community Fitness Centre Trust. For a frank discussion about your needs, click here.

4.   Taxation challenges

Ashleigh Gilmour is our resident taxation specialist advising on complicated tax matters where a transaction is out of the ordinary or when getting it wrong could be expensive. Ashleigh has in depth taxation knowledge and experience on the taxation consequences of transactions such as land development or sales, moving to or from New Zealand, and potential restructures. She can also undertake high level reviews to determine tax risks and deal with Inland Revenue through audits, reviews and disclosures.  For an appointment with Ashleigh, click here.