The Pharmacy Guild Of New Zealand (Inc) | Mentoring the right prescription for this membership organisation

The Pharmacy Guild of New Zealand (Inc) is a national organisation that looks after the business interests of community pharmacy owners.  Pam Sceats is the Guild’s accounts manager and has been with the organisation for just over seven years.

“The Pharmacy Guild offers a wide range of leadership, support, tools and resources to our members.  From marketing, HR and audit support to advocating during discussions with DHBs, it’s a very broad range of services we provide.  The Guild also provides leadership on issues facing the community pharmacy sector,” explains Pam.

At present, membership of the Guild sits at around 70 percent of all community pharmacies in New Zealand.  “It is not compulsory to join so growing membership is always a priority,” says Pam.  “We have a dedicated marketing and membership team that works to inform and educate pharmacy owners about how the Guild can help them realise their professional and financial potential in today’s challenging business environment.”

Pam and her team are responsible for the Guild’s day to day financial functions.  She has held the role of accounts manager for three years.  Prior to that she was the assistant accountant for four and a half years.  A restructure at the end of 2013 saw her promoted to accounts manager, a role she says was a “huge step up”.  Helping Pam to navigate this step was Moore Stephens Markhams Wellington senior accountant Lisa Hammington.

“Following the restructure it was decided we would appoint an external specialist to provide an overview of the Guild’s financial performance.  Moore Stephens Markhams was appointed as our business advisors to provide another set of eyes over the financials as well as to assist me through the transition to accounts manager,” says Pam.

Pam says her new role required her to be across many financial areas she had not previously been involved with.

“There were the annual accounts, audit and monthly reports.  I needed help and Lisa was a fantastic mentor.  Every day she would help me find answers.  I had unlimited support from her and the team at Moore Stephens Markhams. I’ve now grown into the role and we have certainly achieved what we set out to and I’m really enjoying it.  It’s a testament to how patient Lisa has been!”

The mentoring relationship between Lisa and Pam has developed, now at a “higher level”.  “Moore Stephens Markhams signs off and oversees our accounts each month.  For a very small business it’s important to have a set of independent, external eyes cast over the numbers.  It gives a level of comfort and confidence to the Guild’s board and management,” says Pam.

“We continue to have a great relationship with Lisa and director Bruce Stormer.  We get on really well and in this role, trust is very important. Moore Stephens Markhams is the best thing that’s happened for my career!”