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The Trust Act 2019 – key points

The recently passed Trust Act 2019 takes principles and rules in relation to trusts from the old 1956 act plus rules and principles that are now in common law and puts them into easily accessible legislation. We provide more details here.

Black Rock Farm | Succession planning vital in this farming business

The Bunnys farm Black Rock, running sheep and cattle on their 425 hectare block at the end of Black Rock Road and on ‘Banavie’, a 420 hectare lease block next door.

Take care with tax when winding up your business

If you’re considering selling your business and you run it through a company, you could have a tax problem.

You versus your Trust

It is common from a layman’s perspective to not appreciate the relevance of treating separate legal entities as separate. A recent High Court decision has an important precedent.

When is a gift not a donation?

If an individual pays “…a monetary gift of $5 or more…” to a charity they are able to claim one third of it back from Inland Revenue.  Prior to 1 April 2008, individuals could only claim donations of up to $1,890, i.e. a refund of $630.

Winding up a company

If a company does not file its annual return with the Companies Office, it may be struck off from the Companies Register. This is sometimes used as a ‘short-cut’ method, rather than completing the short-form company liquidation process.

The Four Regions Trust | Investment growth that benefits the community

Investments made by the Four Regions Trust, formerly the Powerco Whanganui Trust, have grown substantially thanks to the governance of a skilled team.

Succession Planning | Your legacy, their future

Getting out of your business or farm may be one of the most important decisions you ever make and must be a carefully managed process.

How can your business benefit from a board of experienced business people?

Being in business, particularly a SME, can be a lonely place. When you get to a certain level of success and growth, it can be hard to find high level advice.

FBT… so what can you do?

An expert, independent set of eyes will help you determine what you need to do in all cases, what you don’tneed to do, and also how to go about doing it (including creating proper documentation).

Think before you leap: What are my responsibilities as a trustee?

Whether you’re thinking of becoming a trustee for your own family trust or someone else’s, it’s important to know your obligations under the current law before accepting the role.  

Incentive options to ‘lock in’ key personnel to grow profit

In our experience, the success of many SMEs rests in the skills, knowledge, experience, and commitment of key personnel. 

Hawke’s Bay succession expert talking at national Fieldays

A Hawke’s Bay succession planning specialist has been invited to share his knowledge with agribusiness owners at this year’s New Zealand Agribusiness Fieldays.

Mackintosh Group Limited | Succession planning vital to this family farm business

Paul and Anna, and Bruce and Helen Mackintosh live and farm just outside Whanganui on Dunkeld, a 225 hectare sheep, beef and grain cropping property.