Paul Ejamme | Working together for business success

Financial adviser and self-professed ‘number lover’, Paul Ejamme is one of the directors of Finsol, a Hawke’s Bay based business insurance and ACC specialist company established in 2010.

Paul’s financial career began with a Finance and Economics degree from Massey University, followed by seven years at AMP working as a financial advisor, insurance broker and ACC restructure specialist. He joined the Finsol team in 2016, moving from Auckland to live and work in Hawke’s Bay. He says the main services he provides clients are business ACC, KiwiSaver and insurance.

“Many of my clients are business owners who require help in a range of insurance or ACC matters. These may include how to purchase a business or commercial property, or how to restructure their ACC levies so they work for them, often resulting in savings that are then put into a scheme like business income protection. I focus on identifying areas of my clients’ lives that need protecting and then implementing the best ways to manage that risk that works for them, their business and their lifestyle.”

As an insurance advisor, Paul’s business has grown significantly over the past two years, something he puts down to being the director of a reputable brand in the market and the service he gives his clients, which includes six monthly reviews. He also has an added offering, in the form of business advisor and Moore Stephens Markhams director Ben Gilmour.

Paul met Ben shortly after arriving in Hawke’s Bay. He was working with a client putting together a home loan for them and during that time met with their bank manager, who in turn referred him to Ben. It was the start of a relationship that has seen Ben working with Paul’s clients on their financial management ever since.

“What I have found is that many clients need financial guidance and advice at a level that only a chartered accountant can provide. I met with Ben and got along with him very well. Since then I have referred a number of clients to Ben.

“I like to provide the best possible service to my clients. Ben’s expertise is incredibly valuable and the clients are very happy.”

Paul says as many of his clients are owner-operators, including a number of ‘tradies’, the implications of their financial decisions is crucial.

“It was important for me to have an accountant who also has strong advisory experience. Ben looks at the bigger financial picture and helps clients understand their financial position and how perhaps structuring things differently may help them. He is a valuable member of my extended team and does a great job.”