September 2018

How can your business benefit from a board of experienced business people?

Being in business, particularly a SME, can be a lonely place. When you get to a certain level of success and growth, it can be hard to find high level advice.

Dunedin Palms Motel | The people have voted and it’s a winner

Alex and Karen Greenan are very proud of the fact that after only four years of owning the Dunedin Palms Motel they are a Loved by Guests award winner (online travel agents).

Risky business: managing cyber threats

The digital revolution is well and truly upon us and businesses are reaping the rewards. Online accounting software automates bookkeeping, cloud solutions increase computing capacity while saving costs, online stores open up whole new markets for retailers. It goes on.  

Paul Ejamme | Working together for business success

Financial adviser and self-professed ‘number lover’, Paul Ejamme is one of the directors of Finsol, a Hawke’s Bay based business insurance and ACC specialist company established in 2010.

Morrison Design | Safe and sound, simple objective for structural engineering firm

It’s number-crunching, head-scratching work, but the goal is always simple, says Morrison Design director David Morrison. “An architect comes up with a beautiful idea for a building or structure – and we make sure it doesn’t fall down.”

Proposed tax changes

The Taxation (Annual Rates for 2018-19, Modernising Tax Administration, and Remedial Matters) Bill was introduced into Parliament in June 2018. 

Holiday pay – employer compliance tested

The MBIE Labour Inspectorate has recently announced that it is going to prioritise employer compliance with the Holiday Pay Act. It expects businesses to calculate leave and holiday pay entitlements accurately.   

Foreign shares and FIF

The global economy is seeing New Zealand (NZ) taxpayers invest in overseas companies. However, many people acquire foreign investments without understanding how they will be taxed.   

To claim or not to claim?

Planning a summer business trip with a personal holiday tacked on the end? Renting out the bach and unsure what expenses can be claimed? Whatever your situation, we want to make sure you’re getting the expense claim tax break you’re entitled to.

Trucks & Trailers Ltd | In it for the long haul

It began 31 years ago, with one man repairing heavy trucks from the back of a ute. Today Trucks & Trailers has close to 100 staff and sells hundreds of trucks, vans and utes each year.