November 2021

Time to count up the Fringe Benefit Tax on Christmas traditions

For employers, the Christmas period is a time to splurge a little (or a lot) on your staff. This may include a Christmas party, taking the team out for lunch or providing Christmas gifts but you could also be liable to pay Fringe Benefit Tax (FBT) on those perks. 

Latest survey shows Covid impact varied for pharmacists

New Zealand’s Community Pharmacy businesses have faced unprecedented challenges in the past year with COVID having a varied impact, which is evident in the 2021 Moore Markhams New Zealand Pharmacy Benchmarking survey report just released.

GST warranty on real estate transactions

Care needs to be taken when completing a land sale. With the surge in property valuations and property development activity, an incorrect GST declaration could prove to be a costly mistake.

Challenges and opportunities in a turbulent job market

Almost two years into a global health crisis that many could not have imagined in their lifetime, the concept of lockdowns, working from home, a fading connection to the workplace, and the overwhelming feeling of burn-out is driving a surge in resignations in many countries. Is this likely in NZ?

Choice of words makes a difference

Here’s an example of how a poor choice of words proved costly and reinforces the need to choose your words carefully.

Reimbursement for use of telcos

‘Telecommunications usage plans’ is Inland Revenue speak for your telephone and internet connections. IR has created rules for reimbursing employees. This includes shareholder employees. We share more.

YouTube for marketing your business

Are you using video marketing for your business? YouTube is the place to be. We’ve outlined six key ways to get your video marketing up and running on the YouTube channel.

6 marketing and design tools for your small business

Are you a small business without access to a full marketing and design team? Here are 6 marketing, graphics and design tools for your small business.

Redefining success

Are you a business owner? It’s important to redefine your plan and goals to ensure the business delivers your revised definition of personal, business, and team success. Get in touch to redefine success and set goals to achieve this.

Team communication tools - what is slack?

When you have employees working from home, communication becomes more important than ever. Adding another tool may seem like a further complication right now, but this tool might be useful for your team.

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