Transform your organisation from the inside out

Recently Moore Stephens Markhams Wellington directors Abbey Warner and Bruce Stormer engaged the services of Cathy Sheppard, the founder and ‘top trainer’ of BSI People Skills, an organisation that builds and strengthens individuals and teams, resulting in a transformed workplace culture.

“Bruce and I have always worked really well together and we wanted to mirror that working relationship with the extended team,” says Abbey.

“We wanted to improve communication and our workplace culture to ensure Moore Stephens Markhams is an attractive, desirable place to work. We hope our clients will also use the service to improve relationships within their teams and with their clients and customers.”

Abbey says there were no great divisions or problems in the office, rather a desire to work together as well as they possibly could.

“It was a proactive step rather than a reactive decision to engage Cathy. I’ve been a director for a few years now and have grown into a leadership role. Cathy helped me develop the kind of leader I want to be and helped us all identify our strengths and how we could work together more effectively.”

BSI People Skills works with a diverse range of companies, but with one common denominator.

“Every organisation that has people in it faces similar issues – communication, understanding different ways of operating, and learning about what drives different people and behaviour, and being able to use the strengths that come from diversity,” says Cathy.

“It’s also about understanding the vision and core values of the business and how that feeds into the culture.”

Cathy says people often move into management roles without necessarily having specific people management experience.

“Training is essential. We need to understand how we come across, how other people’s perceptions shape us and how we can work best with other personalities.

One of the main ways we do this is using behavioural profiling tools – why you do what you do and why other people do what they do. Understanding that is crucial in creating an effective team and culture.”

“If you grow people, you can grow your organisation so much further. There will be many other organisations that do what you do, so you need to find out what makes you special or different. It’s not enough to just push your services any more.

Knowing who are you as a company and what drives you is essential in attracting customers and retaining staff. It enables greater engagement with clients and within your own team.”

Abbey says she would definitely recommend BSI People Skills’ services for anyone with people in their business.

“We had already developed a vision for our business but Cathy’s sessions made sure we were living it. We wanted to create a workplace where people flourish, with clients and staff benefiting from the difference and the business reaping the rewards.”