July 2021

Paying tax on your shares

Investing on a share platforms like Sharesies or Hatch? Should you be worried about paying tax on your dividends or when you sell? We have some tips.

Is it time to fire a client?

Do you have clients who take up too much time and bring in too little money? It might be time to rank your clients and say goodbye to a few from the bottom of the list.

The Holidays Act is changing – but you’ll need to comply in the meantime

The Holidays Act 2003 is getting an overhaul – but you’ll still need to be compliant in the meantime. We can help you navigate this tricky piece of legislation and get your holiday pay correct.

What small businesses can learn from their competition

They say competition is fierce, but we think it’s one of your greatest assets when starting up a new business. Find out what invaluable information you can learn from your competitors.

Surprise tax bill? Six possible reasons

Did you, or someone you know, get a tax bill they weren’t expecting? Inland Revenue has released a list of six possible reasons. We can help you figure out which one might apply, or why your bill isn’t what you expected.

Fees on utes - Three things you need to know

EV feebates will hit utes the hardest – three things you should know if you’re in the market for a new ute for your business.

Using the Value Ladder to increase sales

It’s essential to build a relationship with customers and provide value before you extract value. From Russell Brunson’s Dotcom Secrets, the Value Ladder shows that the stronger the relationship between you and your customer, the more they’ll spend.

Instagram for marketing your business

Whether you’re a small sole trader, a freelance influencer, or a well-established business brand, there’s considerable value to having a meaningful presence on Instagram.

Search Engine Optimisation for small businesses

With an estimated 130 trillion webpages identified by Google, how do you get a look in? Search engine optimisation (SEO) is all about providing internet users with the best experience and maximising your ability to be seen.

Upsizing or downsizing? We can help with the forecasting

Are you looking to either scale up or downsize, your business? We’ll help you review your existing business plan, run scenarios and forecasts, and look at the most appropriate strategy for your future. Learn more here.

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