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A human element is vital in the technology revolution

The global pandemic has forced business owners to confront the shortcomings of their legacy systems and embrace the edge that Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Big Data gives them. However, it’s important to remember that relationships will always be critical for sustainable growth.

Impact of Covid-19 on transfer pricing policies

The continued economic impact of COVD-19 across the globe has naturally forced or accelerated the process of businesses to review their existing operations and commercial arrangements. ​

How Covid has brought humanity back to business

Covid causes unprecedented uncertainty and anxiety but it has also shown how kindness can re-energise employees and leadership teams.

Diligent investigation the only way to safeguard your business purchase decision

Caveat Emptor. Let the buyer beware. Purchasing a business is not an exercise for the faint hearted. There is much to be considered – much obvious but some not so. We share some less apparent factors in this article about effective due diligence.  

Wellbeing Budget 2019 – what it means for business

It has been said that a government is the only vessel that leaks from the top and this seemed an appropriate adage in the lead up to this year’s budget announcement. After numerous leaks and accusations of hacking in the days preceding the announcement, yesterday the government delivered New Zealand’s first Wellbeing Budget. Needless to say, there was not a lot of surprises.

Team development can improve business

Business owners and managers are often focused on a company’s financial performance, return on investment and other monetary indicators of business success. Intangible investment in human capital can commonly be overlooked as it can be difficult to measure results.

Rules around claiming tax deductions for family members

Pharmacies, like the majority of other New Zealand businesses, are traditionally family owned ‘mum and dad’ businesses. Often various family members are involved in the business and these family members are entitled to be paid for the services they provide.

Commercial property versus residential property – what’s the best investment?

Property investment is as Kiwi as it gets when it comes to New Zealanders investing their money. But is the traditional emphasis on residential ownership declining as commercial property offers advantages well worth considering?

Succession Planning | Your legacy, their future

Getting out of your business or farm may be one of the most important decisions you ever make and must be a carefully managed process.

How can benchmarking help your business grow and prosper?

Benchmarking is not rocket science but it’s surprising how few businesses take the opportunity to gauge themselves against their competitors and industry peers.

How can your business benefit from a board of experienced business people?

Being in business, particularly a SME, can be a lonely place. When you get to a certain level of success and growth, it can be hard to find high level advice.

Maximising the benefits from your accounting software

In the modern competitive marketplace, businesses need to have the tools to make appropriate and timely decisions in order to survive. If they wait until the end of the financial year to review performance and then react, it is usually too late.

Incentive options to ‘lock in’ key personnel to grow profit

In our experience, the success of many SMEs rests in the skills, knowledge, experience, and commitment of key personnel. 

Hawke’s Bay succession expert talking at national Fieldays

A Hawke’s Bay succession planning specialist has been invited to share his knowledge with agribusiness owners at this year’s New Zealand Agribusiness Fieldays.

The changing face of tax residence

Determining whether you are a New Zealand tax resident is very important. Generally, New Zealand tax residents are taxed on their worldwide income.

Case study | Succession planning

Mark and Chris recognised early that passing on the family’s farming business would need to provide a ‘fair’ opportunity for all three sons, and their respective families.