April 2022

New Associate enjoying global growth opportunities

Moore Markhams Auckland’s new associate, Anson Lam is thriving on the opportunities her role is providing her. Anson was appointed an associate of the Auckland firm in April.

How to chase invoices without annoying your clients

As a small business owner, trying to chase payments while not annoying your clients can be a challenge. Here are five tips for getting those outstanding invoices paid while maintaining good relationships.

What’s your business worth?

What’s your business worth? Figuring out a dollar value means factoring in lots of variables, but earnings and assets are the biggest value-adders.

Outlining your ideal customer pays benefits

Do you know who your start-up’s ideal customer should be? We’ll work with you to define your customer audience and how it impacts your business strategy.

Price not the most important in customer buying decision

Despite what many business owners think, price isn’t the no. 1 factor in customer decision making, particularly in service businesses. Build a strong relationship, be accessible, be proactive, and price becomes less relevant.

Should you sell your rental property?

After a boom year of house price growth, is now the perfect time to sell your rental property and cash up? We look at the reasons to exit the market – and the reasons to keep holding.

Are you getting a slice of the online retail action?

Online shopping is hitting new records, growing dramatically, and gaining new users. Is your business getting its slice of the online pie or do you need to invest more in your online presence?

Tips to get your start-up ready to roll

Do you have all the operational foundations of your start-up ready to roll? Talk to us about kicking off your new business and being ready for your first sale.

Clamp down on top tax rate avoidance by Inland Revenue

Do you earn more than $180,000 in taxable income? Inland Revenue is proposing changes that will make it much tougher to avoid paying the full 39 percent top tax rate.

Auckland auditor keen to tackle ‘hot stuff’

Stuart Hansen, Moore Markhams Auckland and Christchurch senior audit manager, has been a member of the Devonport Volunteer Fire Brigade for the past three years and sees it as a great way to give back to his community.

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